REFLECT is a generosity initiative aimed at improving our current facilities to display the excellence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As Pastor Jeff routinely says, “We want this place to look like, feel like, & smell like Heaven.”

REFLECT Vision Statement

 To better reflect the Hope, Light, and Life of Jesus Christ, we as Church 3434 are embarking on a journey to remodel the church building. Our goal is to reflect the excellence of Jesus to our local community, the city of Tulsa, and beyond.

A Message From Pastor Jeff

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What Are We Asking For?

We want 100% participation of those who call Church 3434 home. We want those participants to open themselves up to the Lord and have a life-changing encounter with Him as it relates to giving.


1. Why Is It Important To Renovate The Building? 

Repairing and updating the building will reflect the quality of ministry of Church 3434 and display that to the congregation and community. This property improvement will provide a place for the members, attenders, and visitors to gather together in a clean usable space.

2. What Will We Do?

Starting with the necessary roof repairs and stopping the leaks will allow us to update the ceiling and continue improvements and updates on both floors. Renovations to the second-floor classrooms, children’s area, and restrooms. Then down to the first-floor foyer, restrooms, kitchen, and classrooms. Flooring, carpet, painting of walls throughout both floors and continuing outside for a facelift to the building and grounds. Construction has been broken down into 5 phases:

  • Phase 1 Focus: Improvements have already begun thru 3rd Saturday projects such as landscaping, repairs to the outside privacy fence, painting, & signage. A/C units in the sanctuary & nursery have been replaced.
  • Phase 2 Focus: Roof – This is a necessary renovation as it currently leaks.
  • Phase 3 Focus: Upstairs bathrooms – They will be brought up to code, along with classroom renovations.
  • Phase 4 Focus: Paint/Carpet – This will be throughout the building as needed.
  • Phase 5 Focus: Downstairs bathrooms – They will be brought up to code and expanded.

3. Who Will We Reach?

Together, we can complete the necessary repairs and renovations and show that Church 3434 has ‘lost its loser’s limp’. Investing in our building is investing in this community by preparing a useable place that is welcoming and safe. We want people to come in, worship with us, grow with us and reach out to others. God has called us to this community and city to bring Hope, Light and Life!

Get Involved

How Will You Respond?

  • Pray: We ask that you pray for Church 3434, our neighborhood, and the city of Tulsa. Prayer and time spent reading the Bible is crucial in hearing from the Lord and taking a step of faith. Ask God how He wants you to find your place at Church 3434. Let Him guide you as you decide how to engage in the mission of bringing Hope, Light, and Life to our community and taking a step of faith with REFLECT.


  • Engage: Jump in the game and find your place. Whether it’s an existing ministry or one that hasn’t been thought of yet, we need you! As a Church we’ve adopted the mantra of serving through TIME, TREASURE, & TALENT. As you pray and read the Word, we expect that the Holy Spirit will reveal your best fit in the body of Christ at Church 3434. Joining/starting a life group, Connection Hour, Root 34, or mens/womens events are great ways to cultivate relationships and grow.


  • Give: We believe in tithing your first 10% to God. Discipleship and stewardship go hand in hand. As we open ourselves up to Jesus, we learn what it means to value Him above all else. Growing as a follower of Jesus is a journey of ongoing steps of trust in Him. We don’t grow without taking steps of faith. Growing in stewardship requires us taking a step in trusting Jesus as we give what He has called us to give, because we value Him more than anything. This season in the life of our church provides us with an opportunity to grow by embracing a step of faith for Jesus’ sake. We ask you consider giving above and beyond your monthly tithes to support REFLECT.

REFLECT Commitment Card

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