Our Vision

Hope. Light. Life. 


We believe that we have been put on this planet to bring the Hope, Light and Life of Jesus, wherever we live, breathe, laugh and love. Take some time and look at the many different ways that we do this here at Church 3434. Maybe you will feel drawn to come and spend some more time with us here through our gatherings, groups or outreach opportunities. Whatever the case, we would love to meet you. So please, come up and introduce yourself, let’s get connected and take Hope, Light and Life to as many people as we can. May the Lord bless you and keep you,



Jeff & Lori Voth


Jeff and Lori have been in ministry for over 30 years. They together have a passion to see people connected to their life's purpose through the power of Christ. Jeff also teaches at Oral Roberts University and is an author, speaker, and Founder of Cavetime. They have four children, son-in law, daughter-in law, and two grandchildren.